In the gaming world of the casino, luck is only a prominent factor as there is no specific rule and tricks that guarantees your chances of winning. You can only make handfuls of effort to have a rigorous practice to increase your bonus points and the jackpot amount. To have a better knowledge you can take the benefit of the slot reviews and taste the big lottery. One of such pokies game is the Cash Splash which is a popular progressive slot that gives a very big part of the jackpot. The most attractive aspect of this game is that it has a big network of multiple slot machines that automatically increase the overall cash amount of the bet. So most of the people prefer this and the online sites now days filled with the similar games to make people aware and giving them an easier platform to have a good trial of luck.

The thing that boosted and drilled me towards online gaming is way to refresh my mind after long monotonous work schedule. Few months ago, after returning from my work place, I browsed my mobile for some gaming activities to distress my mind and found this pokies game. I kept reviewing it via the features and dwelled into the stream of deep interest. Since that day, I indulged deeper into this area day by day. The most impressive thing I found is the simple and easy technique which sticks me so hard into this and I don’t want to stay apart from it. I also suggest the gamers here to try at least for once this slot and must share their experience with the newbies so that this amazing game will be loved by all and people will enjoy betting.

Slot Machine Gems Gems Gess

Gems Gems Gems are part of WMS Super Pay Multi-Way’s slot games catalog. The unique feature of this slot game is its four reels. The reels are arranged in two sets. One set is more prominent, and three are smaller on the right. Technically, you can have 20 spins in play at any one time. This is more than the 5-reels on most slot machines and the 7-reels on 7-reel slot machines. Each reel has 20 pay lines and is quadrupled each time you press the spin button. This arrangement provides fast, action-packed action on the reels every spin.

It’s all about the Gems

This slot features many types of gemstones. These gems can be found in many colors and also act as symbols on the red reels. The reel design was massive, but the symbol representation took less. The characters are just as stunning as the title, but that does not mean they are less appealing. You can feel like playing four identical slots simultaneously using four sets of reels on a single machine. This is a lot of fun! This game is all about gems, as the title implies. There are Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds. These symbols come in various colors, including yellow, pink, orange, green, purple, and red. The Blue Diamonds and the Logos of the game are the two special symbols.

Wilds & Free Spins

The Logo of the game is wild. It substitutes for all regular symbols except the Blue Diamond and feature symbol. You must hit three or more Blue Diamonds to unlock the Free Spins. Your initial ten free spins will be awarded. The multiplier of your bet depends on the number of scatters that triggered the feature and the reels they landed on.

Get up to 12X Multipliers

For example, triggering the Free spins on one set of reels will give you ten free spins and a three-fold multiplier. You will receive ten free spins and 6X multipliers if you trigger the Free Spins on two sets of reels. You will get ten free spins if you start the free spins on three sets of reels. You can also retrigger ten more Free Spins by obtaining three plus Blue Diamond symbols. All multipliers awarded during the initial Free Spins are active throughout the Free Spins session.

This is the best option for low-limit players This game is very low-risk. You will get different high-quality rewards than expected from a game this good, with the maximum payout at 400 coins. The total stakes for the 80 pay lines range from 0.40 to 80 coins. WMS, who created this game, lowered payouts to discourage slot machine cheaters from trying to profit from it.

Our Verdict

Gems Gems Gems will appeal to those who enjoy fast-paced, action-packed slot games. High-rollers may find the rewards disappointing, but players willing to accept small, consistent payouts will love it. You can find answers to almost all questions regarding playing online slots such as this one by reading our frequently asked questions.