Last month I was on a business trip to Australia (home of pokies). I was there for my some important business meetings. I have to be there on Friday but I missed my flight so I reached there on Saturday and my all meetings are shifted on Monday. So, I and my colleagues decided to go and spend some time in the casino. We talked to the hotel staff regarding this and find out information about the different gambling stores present in the city. They provided me this information and we are so much lucky that we found a store near our hotel. So, in the Sunday afternoon we headed to that store.

When we reached there, the environment there is so amazing that we loved it. As we are new to this place we don’t have any idea that what is going there. We talked to an attendant present there and he provides me all information which is needed for all of us. So, as a beginner we tried our first hand on the Alaskan fishing. This is a very basic game, but when I started playing it. I loved it so much that I played on that single machine for more than an hour. This is so easy that you have to just pull a handle and wait for the best. I leave that machine when the other peoples forced me to leave. They are waiting for their chance.

I won bonus prizes and cash prizes also. This is so easy to play and catchy that after some time I am again on that machine to try some more hands on that. We reached there at about 2 p.m. and leave at late night. I won cash prizes and some jackpots. I enjoyed a lot there. I also won a bonanza which I can redeem when I visit this store next time. So, after completion of my all necessary meetings I am again there for having some more fun and again at my favorite place. I enjoyed a lot there. It made my trip more memorable and full of fun and enjoyment. I promised to myself that I will again visit there and next time will be on holiday free from all tensions of work.