Last month I was on a business trip to Australia (home of pokies). I was there for my some important business meetings. I have to be there on Friday but I missed my flight so I reached there on Saturday and my all meetings are shifted on Monday. So, I and my colleagues decided to go and spend some time in the casino. We talked to the hotel staff regarding this and find out information about the different gambling stores present in the city. They provided me this information and we are so much lucky that we found a store near our hotel. So, in the Sunday afternoon we headed to that store.

When we reached there, the environment there is so amazing that we loved it. As we are new to this place we don’t have any idea that what is going there. We talked to an attendant present there and he provides me all information which is needed for all of us. So, as a beginner we tried our first hand on the Alaskan fishing. This is a very basic game, but when I started playing it. I loved it so much that I played on that single machine for more than an hour. This is so easy that you have to just pull a handle and wait for the best. I leave that machine when the other peoples forced me to leave. They are waiting for their chance.

I won bonus prizes and cash prizes also. This is so easy to play and catchy that after some time I am again on that machine to try some more hands on that. We reached there at about 2 p.m. and leave at late night. I won cash prizes and some jackpots. I enjoyed a lot there. I also won a bonanza which I can redeem when I visit this store next time. So, after completion of my all necessary meetings I am again there for having some more fun and again at my favorite place. I enjoyed a lot there. It made my trip more memorable and full of fun and enjoyment. I promised to myself that I will again visit there and next time will be on holiday free from all tensions of work.

Temple of Iris Slots

The Temple of Iris Slots game allows online casino players to travel back to Ancient Egypt. This game takes place at a time when the gods walked on Earth. It is about the Egyptian goddess Iris. In Ancient Egypt, she was considered the mother hawk-headed Horus, the god of war and protection.

This game will allow players to earn free spins and win huge bonuses! Eyecon created this game, and new players will see a gambling button in the lower right corner. This will allow players to quadruple the amount of their winnings. It’s as simple as picking the next card from the deck.

They colored it wrong, and they lost everything. Temple of Iris is known for its popular feature that allows players to quadruple their winnings if they guess correctly. If you get the color right, the player’s winnings are quadrupled. If you get it wrong, your payout will be doubled.

Just one thing that you must do is match up the icons on one of the 25 pay lines. Good luck!

Golden Graphics

Temple of Iris is a visually stunning slot machine that boasts a magnificent display. The five reels are presented against a breathtaking backdrop, with the pyramids visible just below. As the sun sets over the Sahara, the sky darkens, and the gold hues across the screen evoke the essence of this North African country.

It’s worth downloading the Temple of Iris to see the sunset over the Pyramids.

The paytable contains generic symbols of online casinos, a major flaw in this game. The game allows players to see signs such as 9, 10, Jack and Queen, King, and Ace falling from the five reels. This is a lazy move by the developers, as it has nothing to do with Temple of Iris or her superior self. As mentioned above, the display is iconic and worth seeing.

Washing with Ancient Symbols

Temple of Iris’ in-play is simple to understand, however, whether you are a newbie to online casinos or an experienced player. The in-play icons, which include essential infographics like change bet or change lines, are at the bottom of the screen. Players can select from a lot of options when it comes to how much they want to bet. Options range from 1 coin for each line up to 30.

Like any other casino game, the more you stake, the more you can win. It is up to the participant how many lines are included in their stake. By clicking on the “change line” symbol, players can increase the number of pay lines in their stake. The stake can range from 1 to 25 on the Temple of Iris Slot Game.

If you’d like to play more and enjoy the scenery, then the Autoplay feature is for you. The player will relinquish the control to the computer, and the wheel will spin between 10 and hundred lines, depending on the amount specified.

Pyramid Icon: Keep your eyes peeled

In the Temple of Iris slots game, the Pyramids serve as the scatter symbol. These iconic structures are a popular tourist attraction and the final resting place of Egyptian pharaohs. If you manage to land three or more Pyramids anywhere on the reels, it will trigger the free spins feature, awarding you up to fifteen free games. During this bonus round, all prizes are tripled.

Scatter symbols can also be operated as multipliers so players receive the maximum payout for their stake. You could get 2, 5, 20, or 450 multipliers when the Pyramid symbol is included.

Unsurprisingly, so many people were now worshiping the Iris temple like the Egyptians thousands of years ago. It is a beautiful slot game that’s easy to understand.