Betting is now more popular than ever with sports fans. However, this is not to say that these sites are reliable. These people are correct to doubt these sites, especially when media reports about fraudulent betting sites designed to trap innocent customers are published. Furthermore, these sites don’t pay, and fans can’t do anything because online tracking is difficult, and anyone can upload websites without certification.

Cybercrimes are increasing, but you shouldn’t ignore all of them. Here are some important tips to help you find legitimate sites to continue your online betting passion. First, look for a displayed toll-free number that starts with 1-800. These websites can provide 24-hour service since they are located in countries with lower labor costs. Beware if the site offers only limited deposit options. It could be a scam site, or it could be a newcomer to betting. It doesn’t matter what the site is, you should avoid them. You might also be charged an additional fee to deposit money on your credit card. This is a sign that they don’t get much business. To get more business, the genuine sites will accept credit card fees of 3%.

The last sign that an online site is fake is when you send them an email asking for your money. Genuine ones will do this automatically.