Last week I went to the New York to attend my cousin’s marriage. but i reached two weeks ago so that i could got sufficient time to explore new york, since my childhood i love parties, music, dance, games and New York is one of the most stylish and amazing country where I can do anything what I wanted to. This was the best chance for me to enjoy those days and I did.

There I was searching for some online shopping to give him a gift for his marriage. I found on that website a promotional link, that was a gaming website and they were offering for the some welcome bonus. So I clicked on that link and that was a very good website to know more about the casino games. Actually I heard about this city is full of night clubs and gambling clubhouses and I am a gambling addicted person. I know this is the place where I can win more money. Before the day of marriage we all went for the bachelor’s party and I was very excited to see the night life. We had so much fun all night. We drank tequila, champagne, shots etc. after that we spent our whole at casino and gambled there.

At spin palace I found a new game which was Grand circus pokie . It was so amazing with very less effort so it is easy to play. I collected some more information about this . Basically this is a slot machine in which players need to pull the lever and wait for the combination. If it matches then you win and not then you lose.