The main reason why i hate thunderstruck a lot is usually I tend to play this game after the dinner and i always promise myself that i will play only 2-3 hours. Then will sleep so that i can reach office on time. This is only my online favorite game which makes me relax a bit after that jam packed schedule in office but once i start playing this game, I totally gets dissolved in such an interesting game that i always reaches the office late and feels sleepy after lunch in office. This is only the reason I hate this online game.

Lightning and thunder appears in the clip which is shown at the start and to be frank Odin and Thor plays an important role in the context of the game but the Loki plays a major role in the game, i can just introduce him as a mischief maker. There is a limited time to complete a game and amount is to be fixed after that 15 spins is done. I have almost played all pokies and other slot games but although i love thunderstruck, it becomes very interesting when you get 4 consecutive bonuses, i got that only once in my gaming career it was really unbelievable.

After playing this game I would definitely pass a message to my juniors that if you are free in your home and getting bored you should play thunderstruck which is perfect example slot game. Make sure you are not playing a game with a risk of huge amount it’s just a game so play it like a game don’t take it like a business.

Now a days I am working on cheat codes so that I can know more about the game. Overall I am having a good experience with this sort of play and casino games and hoping the same for you as well, Best of Luck cheers.